Stop Fracking the NT

Fracking threatens our water, land and climate. Sign up today to help stop fracking in the NT!

To the Chief Minister of the NT Natasha Fyles:

We the undersigned oppose the development of any new fossil fuel industries in the NT. The IPCC have declared that to avoid mass climate catastrophe, no new oil and gas projects can be approved. That means shale gas fracking in the NT and associated developments such as pipelines and the Middle Arm Industrial Precinct must not go ahead.

Who's signing

Sylvia Cooper
Gael McLeod
Chad Pretty
Sandra Bustamante
Paula Tee
Helen Lawrence
Marlene Hodder
Daniel Bugno
Brenda Moore
Mary Ryan
Massmann Kurt
Jakob Zarb
Richard Grose
Jude Sutherland
Julie Colless
Nola Foster
John Ashley
Erinn Pardy
Michelle Jones
Rajan khadka
Shannon Lee
Sophie Bland
Valerie Hatton
Ariadne Macleod
Lucy Rose
Attica Broderick
Carolyn Thorburn
Garth Drake
Rosalie Hamilton
Heather Crowe

Will you sign?