Don't get fracked over this election

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has just announced a disastrous election plan to spend $1.5 billion in taxpayer funds to open up the Territory and Australia’s north to dangerous fracked gasfields and pipelines.

Top scientists warn that climate pollution from fracking the NT are 4-7 times greater than the Adani mine, equivalent to 36-63 years of Australia’s domestic climate emissions. 1

Will you stand with Territorians and Traditional Owners who are staunchly opposed to fracking and determined to protect our land, water and livelihoods?

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Sign the petition to demand the next Australian Government rule out public funding for all new fossil fuel projects and commits instead to a 100% clean energy transition fund to support our jobs, regions and climate future.

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This disgraceful cave-in to the fracking industry follows years of intense financial blackmail and bullying from the federal Coalition to force fracking on the NT.

But Territorians and Traditional Owners are standing firm, and have been overwhelming in our continued support for a ban on fracking to protect our land, water and livelihoods. 2

Opening up fracking in the Northern Territory would unleash a climate disaster, making it impossible to reach Australia’s pollution reduction targets under the Paris Agreement and accelerating dangerous warming. 3

Faced with a global climate crisis, Australia needs to get off gas as soon as possible - not increase our dependence on this dangerous fossil fuel through subsidies and taxpayer-funded loans.

Our regions desperately need energy infrastructure support and public investment - but Australian’s know our energy future is in clean renewables, not dirty, dangerous fracked gas.

This #ClimateElection we pledge we will not vote for any politician or party that promises public money to fracking companies.

[1] Forcey, T. 2017, Submission to the NT Fracking Inquiry,

[2] The NT Fracking Inquiry came to the conclusion that ‘overwhelmingly the message received from the people… was that fracking was not safe, was not trusted and was not wanted in the Northern Territory.’

The report also noted that, ‘Aboriginal people from regional communities who made submissions to the Panel almost universally expressed deep concern about, and strong opposition to, the development of any onshore shale gas industry on their country’.

[3 Gas poses a unique double threat to climate, making it potentially even worse than coal because:

  • Natural gas exploration and production phases leak unknown amounts of methane, a potent greenhouse gas accelerant of climate change, and
  • Gas emits too much carbon dioxide when burned to meet our long-term climate target.