Protecting Country from Fracking

A short educational film on the shale gas rush which has seen over 90% of the Northern Territory covered by applications or approvals for fracking and petroleum exploration.

Fracking risks contamination of ground and surface water through well failure, methane emissions from leaking gas wells and human health from chemicals and gas in water and air surrounding gasfields. Despite this, the NT government continues to hand out licences to unconventional gas companies to explore for shale gas even in sensitive water catchment areas, on prime pastoral and agricultural properties, in National parks and reserves, important cultural places and around towns and community living areas.

The Northern Territory's remote and rural communities whose livelihoods and very survival relies on clean water and healthy country speak out about their concerns over fracking and take action to show the NT Government and gas companies that their land, water and futures are not for sale or sacrifice.

Featuring Eddie Mason and Heleana Gulwa from Protect Arnhem Land, Gadrian Hoosan, Nancy McDinny and Asman Rory from Borroloola in the South West Gulf of Carpentaria, Daniel and Shannon Tapp from Big River Station in the Roper and Marjorie Braedon from Wattarka Kings Canyon.

Film produced by Lauren Mellor and Boudicca Cerese for Lock the Gate Alliance, 2015.