Frack Free NT Petition

Join us in calling on the Northern Territory Government to protect the diverse communities, unique environments, and precious water resources of the NT.

Petition for the entire Northern Territory to be declared a NO GO ZONE for fracking and onshore shale gas development.

Who's signing

Kc Williams
Mia K
Derek Parkinson
Jenn Pryor
Prudence Foster
Gregory Crocetti
Kaylie Simpfendorfer
Tracey Vonarx
Robyn Tighe
Rachel Wood
James Ingram
charlotte george
Dc Williams
Olivia Ellis
Charlotte Maisey
Teagan Niessen
Trelawney Edgar
jenni York
Mary Rudd
Andrew Betheras
tony gintz
Karen Hart
Owen Gale
Cindy Ryan
Jorgen Doyle
Michael Farnell
Skye Wilkins
Polly Cutmore
Robin Callander
Glenn Rivett

Will you sign?

To the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory,

We humbly request that you protect the land, water and communities of the Northern Territory from onshore shale gas extraction (fracking). Our water, health, environment and existing industries are too important to risk with onshore fracking gasfields. We consider any level of risk shale gas fracking poses to our water and livelihoods to be too great.

We support a permanent ban on onshore shale gas activities through the Northern Territory.

Territorians deserve a genuine and binding say on the future of the Territory through a referendum on whether or not to ban fracking.