Environmental Risks

There are many environmental concerns relating to Fracking and research since the Pepper Inquiry has revealed some of these are more severe than previously thought.

  • Ground pollution from spills and related activity
  • Water pollution from spills and from the failings of well infrastructure as well as from fractures allowing methane to migrate to aquifers
  • Air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions contributing to global heating which impacts on biodiversity
  • Biodiversity impacts from changes to water flows, quality and landscape changes


Recent research has shown that Fracking is much more polluting than previously thought.  Most of this research has been published after the Pepper Inquiry and raises major concerns about the safety and economics of fracking.

Research by Howarth shows huge emissions from Fracking and show its impacts on global heating are much worse than previously thought.

Many of the chemicals used in Fracking have very significant environmental risks.