Corrosion Risks

The corrosion issue in relation to fracking wells is vitally important because it is a significant cause of well failure which will allow the wells to leak.  It can be caused by bacteria which are present in our environment.  What is especially alarming is the way the  NT Government and the industry seem to be deliberately covering up this risk factor.

In 2019 SALTEL industries were called in to fix corrosion problems with wells in QLD. These wells are quite new less that 10 years old?

Our concerns were greatly increased when we found the following information during our research. 

"Microbiologically influenced corrosion seems to be systemic in the region, and other operators might encounter similar issues in their CSG wells. This particular type of corrosion can progress rapidly, even through corrosion-resistant alloys. The 7in production casing must cope with severe and localized external corrosion, developing at shallow depth. These corrosion cases are suspected to be caused by bacteria growing under specific pressure and temperature  environments". Saltel Industries

This information was communicated to the NT Government and we were told they would "follow up"  After sometime a further look at this issue revealed that the original information had been removed from the public view on the Internet and moved behind a login protected area of the website to hide it from the public. We have attached the original information so you can see the details.( Note this is a pdf view of the website at the time.  The information has now been hidden from public view and moved behind a security login.

Corrosion issues in Queensland

We suspect this is yet another example of where industry lobbyists inside the government have acted to remove information from public scrutiny!