Community vindicated by NT Labor Conference vote for fracking ban

Community vindicated by NT Labor Conference vote for fracking ban

Community vindicated by NT Labor Conference vote for fracking ban
The NT Labor Conference has today voted to support a call on the Gunner Government to ban fracking gasfields.

The resolution received majority support from the party’s elected members today in a move that contradicts a recent decision by Chief Minister Gunner to greenlight fracking over 51% of the Territory.

Lauren Mellor from Frack-free NT said: “Hundreds of Territorians including pastoralists and Traditional Owners from regions targeted for fracking gasfields fronted the Labor Conference today to demonstrate continued support for a fracking ban. We feel vindicated by this decision which shows the Chief Minister is isolated in his support for the fracking industry, even within his own party.”

“Communities have pledged to continue to campaign to ensure fracking is permanently banned across the Territory, and the support today from the NT Labor Party is a step in the right direction to reversing this disastrous policy and ensuring Territory voices are put ahead of gas fracking company profits.”

Casey Townsend from Hazard Station near Katherine told the crowd: Our farming jobs are on the line if fracking gasfields get the go-ahead on our stations and farms. Fracking gasfields in other regions have been shown to hurt regional economies and displace jobs in other sectors. We don’t want to see that fate for our sustainable industries like tourism, fishing and farming.”

Peter Anderson, owner of Manangorah Cattle Station and fishing tourism business in the Territory’s gulf country said:

“Out our way we’ve already seen the damage that reckless mining can do to our land and water. Our rivers and fishing tourism industry have been killed by mining companies and government regulatory failures. Water is life for our region and we are here to tell the government today that we will not accept any more risk to our water, land or livelihoods from fracking.”

Hundreds gathered outside the NT Labor Conference today at Charles Darwin University campus to call for a ban on fracking gasfields, and welcome representatives from remote communities who convoyed as part of the Convoy for Country on horseback to Darwin to bring the frack-free message to Labor Conference.