Manufactoring Why onshore gas will not help manufacturing in the NT Manufacturers could have accessed near free gas in the Northern Territory between 2009 and 2019. Yet gas-related manufacturing declined, despite millions spent in attempts to woo industry. Attempts to develop such industries now are likely to be futile given...
New polling shows overwhelming majority of Territorians remain opposed to fracking New polling has revealed more than eight in ten Territorians remain opposed to fracking, with a backlash against political support for the controversial industry likely to influence the outcome of the upcoming election. The survey, conducted Territory-wide by Mediareach, found a...
Polling results in full. Check out all the results from the new polling that shows an overwhelming level of opposition to fracking in the Northern Territory with 86% opposed to the industry, and 57% strongly opposed and only 7% strongly supportive of fracking.


Frack Free NT Petition

Call on Chief Minister Michael Gunner to stop gas drilling in the wet season

Chief Minister Gunner, we the undersigned call on you to immediately put a stop on any shale gas drilling during the wet season to protect the land, water and communities of the Northern Territory. Imperial Oil and Gas are right now seeking permission to drill for shale gas in the...
Frack Free NT Petition

Frack Free NT Petition

The NT Government has lifted the moratorium and opened up 51% of the NT to fracking. The Territory's, and Australia's, climate, water and health are under threat from fracking! Join us in calling on the Northern Territory Government to protect the diverse communities, unique environments, and precious water resources of...
Pledge to Stop Origin

Pledge to Stop Origin Fracking

Origin Energy and other fracking companies are lining up to frack the NT during wet season, but together, we won’t let them. People should have the final say about what happens to their land, but Origin Energy has ignored the concerns of Traditional Owners and failed tell communities about the...
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