Pledge to Stop Origin Fracking

Origin Energy and other fracking companies are lining up to frack the NT after wet season, but together, we won’t let them.

People should have the final say about what happens to their land, but Origin Energy has ignored the concerns of Traditional Owners and failed tell communities about the risks involved with fracking.

Communities across the NT have clearly said no the to dangers of fracking, and won’t step down. If we’re going to take on one of Australia’s biggest gas companies and win, we need to build a powerful movement of people willing to have heaps of conversations, take on Origin’s brand, and get through to their executive from every angle.

The Protect Country Alliance (PCA) is working with landholders, traditional owners and communities to stop fracking in the NT. If you do not wish to receive any contact from the Protect Country Alliance you can unsubscribe on any subsequent emails you receive from PCA.




Frack-Finding tour concludes with Canberra call for national leadership to ban fracking
A delegation of Northern Territory farmers, tourism operators, traditional owners and concerned community members have arrived in Canberra today to call for national leadership to ban fracking and protect our climate. The group have met with federal MPs and Senators during the final sittings of parliament for the year, concluding...
  The latest announcement of a MOU between the Federal Government and NT Chief Minister Gunner to promote fracking has been labelled poor politicking and out of touch with the reality of the Fracking Inquiry recommendations...
Article 1
Courageous Territory landholders are in Sydney this morning to challenge gas giant Origin Energy over claims the company has consent to frack their homelands...


Frack Free NT Petition

Frack Free NT Petition

The NT Government has lifted the moratorium and opened up 51% of the NT to fracking. The Territory's, and Australia's, climate, water and health are under threat from fracking! Join us in calling on the Northern Territory Government to protect the diverse communities, unique environments, and precious water resources of...

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